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R/ST 301 Notes January 30, 2007 Required Reading: Streng – Ways of Being Religious Problems of Methodology p1-22 Feb 1, 2007 Required Reading: Hughes- Wilfred Cantwell Smith: A Theology for the World Ch 1-2 Defining religion Scripture= revealed by God or interpretation of reality. o Ethical may be component but not main precept Understanding Religion by strong o Generic o Most are limited to religions we’ve encountered we are set to fail if we define based on our own experience Variations by region o Generalization based on one region o What century/what place o Papal infallibility Catholic church last 100 years, late development o Most traditions have strong association to moral Hinduism morality step ladder liberation o Means you are beyond morality o Liberation from wheel of karma Abrahamic ongoing struggle VS liberation become free, need to do nothing more o Some more pragmatic Psychological point of view (common in our culture) Value you fee the most o Love supreme virtue Feelings are true (religion = the really real) VS feelings are subjective to experience (psychology) Physical world different levels have different participation o Chain of being o At top, or bottom, both before and after, is the ultimate, the pinnacle 1900 attempt to prove Christianity was “best” o Each religion is judging by values, quest was intellectually impossible Awakening of faith find their path compete only in compassion model of hope Analogy different sects climbing mountain, meet closer to top, concepts, at higher level become more transparent/metaphorical/beyond speech Sun=one, allows heat for all different planets o Each planet has own purpose Religion in entirety is superstition, based on human needs Marx: heart of a healers world, “Don’t challenge us politically even if we oppress you…all will be right in Heaven.” o Millions of workers took this position Religion deeper insight into people coming together. Learned people > most religious o Modern science middle road science but Einstein and others still supported “God does not play dice” It was planned Religion to launch revolution in terms of social change: MLK, Gandhi (frees 700 million from Brits) o Jesse Jackson Baptist Descriptive no value judgment Normative value judgment Converting Style Christianity, Islam, Buddhism 1
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Mandate to convert Confessional this is what I’ve found, less confrontation Contradictions if you agree with everything longer you withhold judgment, more you reconcile with those with different views The more openings you see, the more comfortable you get with other beliefs by defining your ignore changes that will come Some pride on change, some try to be eternally true but change slowly o Old catholic church public confession to bishop o Pop was considered on of supreme bishops, until
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RST 301 Notes - 1 R/ST 301 Notes Psychological point of...

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