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R/ST 301 Notes January 30, 2007 Required Reading: Streng – Ways of Being Religious Problems of Methodology p1-22 Feb 1, 2007 Required Reading: Hughes- Wilfred Cantwell Smith: A Theology for the World Ch 1-2 Feb 6, 2007 Required Reading: Streng: P1 – Essays 2, 5, 6, 16 Structure of the Holy Feb 8, 2007 Required Reading: Streng – P2, Essays 3, 6, 9, 11 Community Formed Through Sacred Symbols Last emphasized ind. Experience Symbols are expression on community Sacred stories o Ritual drama o Make something real o Symbols acted out o Powerful even to skeptic o Experience sinks into it o Self-involvement is important o Words of Jesus Incite action Auditory Entrophy Mantras: spiritual entries Myths: founders By professionals: priesthood, monk Lone ranger VS ppl of god Myths o Tales never were but always are Tale of the Fall o R. Neihbur no historical reality o State of separation of dive o CS Lewish In world of bad things happening it disconnected people from God The Fall – state of human condition Stories or religion – Mega stories o Buddha was born (cosmic event) Problematic: meaningless state sin Etropy ideals harmony o Enthropy (psychological weakness) o Need to feel in contact with divine, the real, sacred realm 1
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Divine role models to follow Symbols are stepping stones Religious view can be warped depending on state Football sublimation of war Lincoln o Perhaps we are being punished for slavery o Memorial civil religion Jefferson sage Lincoln o Buddhisatva Healing of nation Pervades American culture o Memorial Day = ancient ritual Thanksgiving covenant Overly engaged in sexuality o Culturally diminished o Harmful to spiritual life February 13, 2007 Required Reading: Streng—P3, Essays: 6, 10, 11, and 13 Cosmic Law as Foundation for Religion Humility is to know where youbelong o Person who thinks they are King is out of Harmony Selfish desires o Child turning on Parent o Breakdown of duty in society o Breaks down community Deep structure in human nature o Christianity –rule of God Dharma, Dao Not Subjective, inwardly objective Deep structures that transcends Problem: individual desire unchecked social chaos o Duty is what makes civilization human i.e. boss struggling to fire is edifying Confucius o One has to have sense of duty o Social experience leads to harmony o Leaders give purpose to subjects o Education for morality Harvard—ethical courses Sociopath o Person born or is naturally unethical Sartre o WWII Nazis couldn’t help it but shouldve embraced their
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RST 301 Notes - 1 R/ST 301 Notes Sacred stories o...

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