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The Priority of Mark 2.a. It is difficult to judge from a short passage like this which of the gospels might have been a primary source for the others. After much discussion in class we have concluded that the most valid possibility for the primary gospel is Mark’s, based on chronological sequencing as well as grammatical simplicity. In this story, Mark’s version is not particularly grammatically simple. Of the three, Mark’s version is the most complete which might suggest that it was the primary, while the other two took from it and chose what to include and what to leave out. At first glance, Matthew’s gospel also looks primary because of its simplicity. Perhaps the other sources used Matthew’s, adding their own spins to it. It is more likely however, because of the word for word agreement on the second to last paragraph of Mark and Luke (“Truly, I say to you…”), that Mark was the primary sources and the other two redacted rather than added on. b. Mark’s version of the story is the only one that mentions Jesus’ mood being indignant.
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