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Joseph Angel-Field 2/27/07 These three stories of the anointing of Jesus by a woman from the gospels of Mark Luke and John show a lot of how the bible was passed on and written. Mark 14 outlines a feast two days before Passover. The chief scribes and priests of the Temple were apparently seeking a way to kill Jesus, but in stealth so as not to cause a tumult of the people, as we have seen the Jewish populus did not hesitate to break into. Jesus was at a feast in the city of Bethany at the house of Simon, a leper, with no reference to his position. As he was sitting at the table, a woman comes and breaks an expensive flask of pure nard ointment and poured it over his head. Some people (no mention of how many or who) commented to themselves over the waste of ointment and how it could have been sold for money and given to the poor. Jesus says that she has done a beautiful thing and should be remembered forever across the world for her act, noting that while the people will always have the poor to take care of, he (Jesus) will not be around for long, and that she had done what she could by preparing him for his
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unforgettablestoryofwhatshername - Joseph Angel-Field...

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