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Joseph Angel-Field 12/3/07 A Decree for King Josiah and all of Yahweh’s servants from Yosef, a military captain, on behalf of his 1,000 loyal Israelite men May Yahweh bestow blessings of success and joy upon all the people of this nation. Every leader must in his or her life face some important questions to test their wisdom. As the leader of a military force of 1,000 men, I have a sympathetic insight on this situation. As well, I have the foundation and heart of a common Israelite who supports the cause of his brothers and sisters. Seeing that my friend and compatriot, Moses, has issued a public letter to his highness, King Josiah, I hope that I will be allowed to express some insight and suggestions and comments, regarding critical issues at hand. Because our country exists as a beacon among nations, operating both politically and religiously, tithes and taxes will always come to issue. As Moses the rancher so eloquently pointed out, taxes have already separated the once-united kingdom of Yahweh during the time of Rehoboam (Porter pg.6). Neither taxes nor separation, however, should be characterized as completely negative; taxes can provide a necessary collection of money with which a society can draw from in order to build, negotiate, and I will here propose the necessity of caring for the needs of those who are less able to care for themselves. I believe that our nation’s history of caring for those close to us and of reaching out to the foreigners in our midst has yielded positive effects that shouldn’t be ignored. So our blessed king Josiah, possessing much power and wealth, must contemplate, as all kings, whether or not to use his power to collect more or less taxes. I first, want to strongly propose that Josiah, on the basis of the pleas of his common people, examine the structure of tithes and taxes, and the places from where they are coming and also, very importantly, what and where the wealth is going to. I am no expert on taxes or tithes, and can provide little guidance or knowledge on the subject, but have complete faith in the administration of our royal court and temples to be able to come up with a satisfactory solution that will provide contentment to the nation as a whole. I want to make some mention here to the fact that the lower, common class of Israelite, the ordinary man and woman, who make up the majority of the nation, are a people not to be
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JosiahGamePaper1 - Joseph Angel-Field 12/3/07 A Decree for...

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