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josiah game paper2 - Joseph Angel-Field A public statement...

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Joseph Angel-Field 12/12/07 A public statement from the captain to his 1,000 Israelite soldiers, and to all of the children of Yahweh who are wise enough to heed this warning: May Yahweh bless all the inhabitants of this land, and help them find truth and peace and life through intelligent decisions. Our divine lord has blessed our people with a covenant, his commandments, deliverance from Egypt and our oppressors there, fruitful offspring, plentiful harvests, and a bountiful land to settle in, and as we say, Dayeinu!- ‘It would have been enough.’ Suddenly we find ourselves in a very confusing and frenzied time, caught up in whirlwind about religious reforms from a mysterious scroll, and under the rule of a brash royal court. I do not mean to call our royal court or its blessed members brash, but when the royal court immediately dismisses two Israelites one after another after a vote went in the direction of the people and against the will of the royal court, I am more than suspicious. Let me address these cases one by one, first of my compatriot Devorah the pure innkeeper who has been accused by the royal court of prostitution and publicly shunned and ostracized. I cannot personally say what goes on in the bedrooms of fair Devorah’s inn, but I have never known Devorah in that way and my judgement on her character has been that she is nothing short of an individual who honors, fears, respects, and loves Yahweh. I am suspicious of our 3 witnesses, all of the royal court, Hilkiah, Huldah, and Asaiah. I question how these individuals would come to witness the act of prostitution on the part of Devorah, unless they were soliciting prostitution from her. As I stated before, the circumstances of this shunning and the individuals who claim to be witnesses are sketchy. Setting aside for the moment the fact that I do not have faith in this mysterious scroll, I propose to the royal court, the blind supporters of this law scroll, that they should at least look in it for insight. “If a man appears against another to testify maliciously… (Deut 20:16)” the case should be brought before the magistrates and priests who rule justly before god. It is absolutely tyrannical to do what has been done to Devorah without a fair trial, where we can judge the validity of the charges against her, as well as the testimony of these witnesses who are interested parties in the outcome. I’m not sure what else to say, but I know for sure that if we continue to pursue malicious decisions, their outcomes will be equally, if not more, malicious.
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The next issue is one of personal importance, because it directly affects me. Directly following the harsh, and unchecked, shunning of Devorah, the royal court
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josiah game paper2 - Joseph Angel-Field A public statement...

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