Briefly explain your answers 8 2 points calculate the

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Unformatted text preview: tz)? Briefly explain your answers. 8. (2 points) Calculate the ratio of the absorption energy (e.g., for a bare proton) to its thermal kinetic energy (say, at 20° C)? Why does this ratio make NMR absorptions relatively weak, compared to UV, visible, or IR spectroscopy? LS5501 Biophysical Principles Dr. Laity, Fall 2012 9. (1 points) Assuming a magnetic field B0 along the z axis and a 90o (π/2) RF pulse (B1) along the +x axis, which axis would you expect to find the bulk nuclear magnetization (M) immediately after the pulse has finished (assuming M was initially along the z-axis; see figure below): B0 B1 10. (2 points) Calculate the Larmor frequencies and transition energies for a unshielded 1H, 13C, and 15N nuclei at 600 MHz....
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