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Synthesis ketoconazole itraconazole candida inhibits

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Unformatted text preview: conazole-itraconazole (Candida) Inhibits ergosterol synthesis Amphotericin B (systemic fungi) Targets ergosterol, causing membrane damage Griseofluvin (dermatophytes) Interferes with mitosis (targets microtubules) Flucytosine Interferes with DNA & protein synthesis Antifungal drugs exploit cell properties unique to fungal pathogens— thereby drugs are selectively toxic to pathogen but not to human host. Cell Membrane and Cell Wall Fungal cell Mannoproteins β-(1,6)-glucan β-(1,3)-glucan Chitin Phospholipid bilayer of cell membrane Ergosterol Fungal Cell Division (Mitosis- metaphase) Angela Gelli 9/05 Ergosterol Synthesis Pathway Squalene β-(1,3)-glucan synthase DNA/RNA Synthesis Amphotericin B—Mechanism of Action Drug Amphotericin B Ergosterol (a polyene antifungal) fungal pm Action Amphotericin B (an amphipathic molecule) binds to ergosterol, Intercalates into pm, forms pores and disrupts pm Ca++ Ca++ Na+ Na+ Result Angela Gelli 9/05 Ca++ Ca++ K+ K+ Na+ Na+ K+ K+ Leakage of intracellular cations and proteins; oxidative damage = fungal cell death! (fungicidal) Caspofungin Caspofungin • Polypeptide • Targets cell wall (glucan synthesis) • Activity against Candida & Aspergillus Clinical Perspectives Clinical A med tech who routinely isolates fungi in the lab develops a severe fungal pneumonia. How did the tech most likely become infected? a n of co ni di n. .. at io 5I nh al at io hi n. .. w as 4F ec al co n er ly pr op ot 3N at in g a fa s tf oo d ts to ile a on 2E ng itt i 1S ta m in u. .. ... 0% 0% 0% 0% 0% ea 1 Sitting on a toilet seat at a Texaco station 2 Eating a fast food undercooked hamburger 3 Not properly washing the hands 4 Fecal contamination of drinking water 5 Inhalation of conidia 30 END END...
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