the as is the case with type 1 dm the acute onset of

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Unformatted text preview: re elderly Type (younger people are being diagnosed today), obese, sedentary or pregnant women (these populations have trouble compensating for the insulin resistance by increasing insulin release.) the As is the case with type 1 DM, the acute onset of type 2 DM is often ften associated with stress associated Eventually β-cells poop out and cannot produce enough insulin Eventually to compensate for IR. Hyperglycemia becomes more of a problem – Insulinotropic gastrointestinal peptides, GIP and GLP, decrease iin n Insulinotropic GIP type 2 DM type Module #1 Module Exam #2 Diabetes, Lecture #21 19 Module #1 Module Exam #2 Diabetes, Lecture #21 20 Metabolic Changes in Metabolic Type 2 DM Type • Hyperglycemia – iincreased hepatic glucose production ncreased – decreased glucose utilization by liver, muscle and decreased adipose secondary to IR • Hypertriglyceridemia – increased triacylglycerol synthesis is a consequence of iincreased lipolysis (lipolysis in type 2 DM is much less ncreased extensive than in uncontrolled type 1 diabetics and similar to that seen in starvation) – decreased activity of lipoprotein lipase. • Ketoacidosis (Not Present) – (the small amount of insulin present...
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