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Unformatted text preview: 1 8 Epinephrine released Epinephrine during acute stress during (physical or psychological) (physical will inhibit insulin release will and action and can bring and on the symptoms of DM on in susceptible individuals in Once stress is relieved and insulin levels return and to normal, symptoms of to DM may disappear for a DM time time Module #1 Module Exam #2 Diabetes, Lecture #21 9 Metabolic Changes in Type 1 DM Hyperglycemia • Lack of insulin and excess glucagon cause several metabolic Lack • problems (e.g. hyperglycemia, hyperlipidemia and ketoacidosis) problems Hyperglycemia is due to: – Increased hepatic glycogenolysis. This would only be a This factor early on as liver glycogen is used within the first 24 hours factor urs of a fast. of – Increased hepatic gluconeogenesis • Low insulin accelerates muscle protein degradation • Increased levels of amino acids used for gluconeogenesis Increased (glucagon) (glucagon) – Diminished glucose uptake (muscle and adipose) – Decreased glycogen synthesis (muscle) Module #1 Module Exam #2 Diabetes, Lecture #21 10 Metabolic Changes in Type 1 DM Ketoacidosis • • • Ketosis occurs i...
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