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To look at the interactions of Hinduism and Christianity is to look at two of the three largest religions of the world. Hinduism is the result of ancient colonizations and the culmination of many religious and cultural practices. In many minds Hinduism is a national expression of religion for all of India, its homeland and birthplace. Christianity is the most pervading religion to date, and has only been in existence, in contrast with the ancient Hindu tradition, for 2 millenia. It has deep roots of converting other nations, and comes itself out of an assimilation of Judaism to modern Western culture. For now we shall exclusively look at the minority’s (Hinduism) opinion on the majority (Christianity). For a long time Hinduism was inwardly concentrated on Hinduism and its varieties and the various religious traditions that existed in India. As the author Paul Griffiths posits in the introduction to the section of his book on Hindu perceptions of
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Unformatted text preview: Christianity in the 20 th century, Christianity and its practitioners, “were simply unimportant for Hindu self-consciousness and Hindu religious practice.” Christianity was simply a mleccha, like a language they did not understand. It is with this background, and for this reason, that our discussion of the Hindu view on Christianity begins in modern times in the 19 th century. The first position we see is a very negative one, like that of Dayananda Sarasvati in The Light of Truth . To him, Christians are, “people in a state of barbarism…” He systematically criticizes various passages of the New Testament of the Bible, as he presumes that Christianity is a religion deeply focused on its book. He critiques the bible as irrational and superstitious. He comically berates the Lord’s Supper and the sacrament as cannibalism....
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