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conversation analysis - Talking is something we all do...

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Talking is something we all do constantly. A younger nickname for myself, “motor mouth,” shows how much I love the act of talking. When we look closer at our speech, we approach it with intrigue and interest. It is through the science of linguistics that we are given the tools to actually collect and analyze the data in a conversation. No longer are we merely interested in speech, but we can get some true insight. The conversation this project will be looking at is a fairly typical conversation for my friends and I. It took place on a Monday, after class, around seven o clock, p.m. The participants are three close friends and schoolmates and neighbors. We are all nineteen years of age, and sophomores at California State University, Long Beach. We are all white middle-class Californians. Shea is a female who would most likely associate herself with the hippies of the nineteen-sixties. She does not generally fit into the gender roles for the feminine; she likes to burp and does not mean being seen as “one of the guys”. She is an art major who also is extremely interested in horoscope and astrological subjects. Dave is a communications major who loves to talk but doesn’t love public speaking. He is mostly undifferentiated between masculine and feminine. I am a male who is choosing between majoring in philosophy or religious studies, and I love mind expansion and the great-unanswered questions in life. Sometimes I cannot stop talking, portrayed in my aforementioned nickname. As far as gender roles go, when I took the Bem Gender test, I felt it fairly accurately classified me as an undifferentiated person, slightly leaning towards the feminine. The three of us, and my roommate who did not take part in this conversation, all met in passing last year, and since, have spent a lot of time with each other. On an average night, we all get together and drink alcohol or do
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some other sort of drug, and just talk. Our favorite pastime is mind expansion, both through inebriation and through deep discussions. This might put us into the subculture of so-called “stoners,” but I prefer not to see our group in such shallow terms. It is important
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conversation analysis - Talking is something we all do...

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