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roman mythology final

roman mythology final - Myths and the act of mythologizing...

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Myths and the act of mythologizing are the basic building blocks for greater meaning in a culture. At face value the plethora of Greek and Roman myths seem to just be stories about gods and humans, both ordinary and extraordinary, but when we peek below the surface we find them charged with various concepts and ideals. A myth helps to pass on the ideas of a culture, and yet cannot be understood without holding it in the proper context of its culture. Mythologizing is the act of taking a simple fact and compounding it with concepts and interpretations to help the people to make it relevant in their lives and relations within themselves and their cultural context. The Roman brand of mythologizing was centered on validating and bolstering Rome’s hegemony and values. The myth of Romulus and Remus is an important myth to Rome, as it is the story of her inception. The myth acts in lieu of the many facets that were involved in Rome’s beginning: political, economic, social, etcetera. The myth of
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