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Play Review- Argonautica The actors projected and enunciated very well during the performance. The only ones that I had an issue with hearing were Jason and Medea. I expected to be able to hear them the best because of their part in the story but both of their performances were very lacking in tone and loudness. I did not really notice any stress in their voice and their facial posture was well posed. I found that both Hera and Athena’s voiced were very rich and full, along with Hercules when he played the king. I loved the quality of their voices and enjoyed listening to them. All of the actors controlled their breath very well through to production. The vocal quality of most of the performers was very enjoyable. The
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Unformatted text preview: vocals enhanced my interest in the play and kept me at attention. The only thing that threw me off was Jason and Medeas vocal qualities. I feel like they needed to boost it up a notch. A lot of the actors used potency very well. Their movement was very well performed and well choreographed. They were definitely filling the bucket with the projection and their posture paralleled their character. I enjoyed the play, especially the artistic details put in, such as the gradual increase of blood on Medeas dress. I also really enjoyed the blocking and choreography that made the boat in the storm scene more believable despite the lack of set....
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