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CMAT 200 Horikami Test #1 Study Guide Textbook and related lecture materials (some items are covered in both) Unit 1: Introduction to Communication Theory Chapter 1, What is communication? Intentionality: communication vs. behavior Linear model (Shannon & Weaver), Interactional model, Transactional model Channel, feedback, noise types, field of experience Ethics in Communication (Aristotle’s Golden Mean) Lecture notes: Communication models (Aristotle, Dance) How have models changed over time? Verbal communication: arbitrary and acceptance within society; semantics (how meaning is learned – Osgood), denotative meaning, connotative meaning Nonverbal Communication: iconic symbols, gestures (batons, emblems, etc.), physical appearance (endo-, ecto-, mesomorph and personality inferences), vocalics, olfactory and gustatory information Unit 2: History and research in communication Chapter 2: Framing our past and present Speech Communication/ Public Speaking was housed in English departments in late 1800’s – early 1900’s. 1913: Communication people split from English
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