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Jacob Weinstein A Reflection on a Teenage Relationship It is funny how two people can be so close, and then all of the sudden change; with no warning and certainly no mercy . In this case, I am referring to the ups and the imminent downs of an intimate high school relationship between my ex-girlfriend and myself . My purpose is to use concepts learned from intrapersonal communication to reflect on this part of my life and attempt to discover, if and what I could do in the future to prevent myself from experiencing another incident such as this . I can recall the first day we met like it was just the other day . It was my first class, on the first day of 6 th grade . To be cliché for a moment, the instant I saw her walk through those doors I felt a little kid running downstairs on Christmas morning . As short as that moment was, it seemed as though the relationship that followed was even shorter . After years of being “best friends” and in turn, turning our parents into best friends, we finally established and intimate relationship with one another during our last year in high school . Through that year our relationship, as most teenage relationship seem to do, became very serious, very quickly . Through that school year and even through the summer our relationship seemed to get better and better . Although we both had notions that it would ultimately be a bad decision going to college still romantically attached, we couldn’t say goodbye to each other that easily . Needless to say the first year of college was harder on our relationship then we could have imagined . Nonetheless we
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stuck it out and caught back up in the summer . After what I thought was a good summer for us, she decided that a year and a half was enough and broke it off with me 3 days before I went back to school . As we have all heard before, the pressures of college managed to end another high-school relationship . I was crushed. The break-up was and still is the most emotionally damaging thing that has ever happened to me . From this experience, I have learned a valuable lesson
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CMAT109 paper - Jacob Weinstein A Reflection on a Teenage...

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