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GratitudeHomework - Try doing one or two of these...

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Research shows that experiencing and expressing gratitude increases your emotional as well as physical health. Here are some ideas for increasing your sense of gratitude. Name one thing you are grateful for in each of the areas below: Your Health: ___________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________ Your Partnership: _______________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________ Your Work: ____________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________ Your Physical Surroundings:______________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________ Your Financial Situation: _________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________
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Unformatted text preview: Try doing one or two of these activities this next week. Write about your experiences afterward. Bring your results back to me and/or share your experiences with a friend. 1. Intentionally express gratitude to your life partner within the next week. 2. Go out of your way to be “nice.” (e.g.: let someone in front of you in traf±c, hold open a door for someone, intentionally smile at and wish someone a great day, etc.) 3. Tell a child in your life, “I feel really grateful when I see you . ..” 4. Go to a place in nature and use all your senses to experience the beauty. 5. Look at your body in a mirror. Identify the part of your body you most like or appreciate. Specify the reasons this part is so appreciated. 6. Tell someone at work one of the things that makes you appreciate your job. 7. Give thanks for you food before you eat it. Go to www.authentichappiness.com to see research and surveys about positive psychology. Gratitude Homework © 2004 Elsbeth Martindale, Psy.D...
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