The Great War

The Great War - The Great War The Treaty of Stumbling Block...

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The Great War The Treaty of Stumbling Block- one of the things that leads to war, tangle of alliances, in a lot of European countries they were making alliances because they were scared, Germany frightening to France and Russia, they have grown a lot, so France and Russia agree that if Germany attacks either of them, they will help the other out, Britain also makes this agreement with France, Germany and Austria- Hungarian Empire align, the problem is that it just takes a spark to get one all of these treaties to fall into place The War Begins- Archduke Franz Ferdinand is assassinated by Gavrilo Princip, heir to the Austro-Hungarian empire, Princip is a Serbia nationalist, this means that a group of countries- the Vulcan’s are important, poor countries with a lot of resources and weak governments, when Ferdinand is attacked a lot of people think that they can use this as an advantage to take over these countries, nobody likes the archduke, nobody really wants him to take over, he marries Sophie from the lower classes which a lot of people in his society looked down upon, attempt at assassination a few years before, his empire doesn’t really care, but a , few years later things change, Austria- Hungarian empire suddenly decide that they should do something about this as a way of conquering Serbia, Serbians government didn’t have any part in the assassination, separate organization in Serbia is responsible the Black Hand, in July 1914, Austria-Hungarian empire sends to Serbian empire a list of demands, July Ultimatum, list of demands- remove highest ranking military officers, stop using anti- Austria-Hungarian propaganda, trial or those responsible, keep them appraised of everything that’s going on and this last is the only one they agree to, starts the process to war, Serbia gets word that Russians have officially sided with them, Austria-Hungarians start massing troops with their border, then Serbia, then Germany, then France, then Britain, when Austria-Hungary finally attacks, then all of these
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previous treaties are put into place, Great Britain, France, and Russia are the Triple Entente, these are the people US allies with so they are known also as the Allies, the other group, Germany, Austria-Hungary, and Ottoman Empire (Turkey) are the Central Powers, the war progresses more quickly than most observers thought it would, thought it would take a while to get troops ready, the Schlieffen Plan- German, high-ranking officer, he says that if we’re going to go to war what we should do is an incredibly fast-paced massive destruction, shock plan, fastest invasion of France possible, we’re going to hurl everything they have into a war with France, thought that they would fall fast so that if someone else attacked they would be able to go ahead and turn around and fight whoever else, problem is that the French put up a much better fight than anyone thought, mobilized millions of troops, stop German advance quickly, Battle of the Marme, shows how destructive
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The Great War - The Great War The Treaty of Stumbling Block...

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