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Animal Science Lab Exam 3 Review

Animal Science Lab Exam 3 Review - Animal Science Review...

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Animal Science Review Exam 3 Nutrition Swine- Functions of the stomach are 1) storage of ingested feed, 2) muscular movements causing physical breakdown, 3) secrete digestive juices, (no absorption occurs) Swine- The duodenum receives secretions and does most of the digestion, the jejunum and the ileum are the active sites of nutrient absorption Swine- The large intestine is divided up into 3 sections- 1) cecum-blind pouch, where bacterial fermentation occurs, 2) colon- reabsorption of water, 3) rectum- shapes materials to be defecated Swine- digestive system- 42% large intestine, 29% stomach, 29% small intestine Horse is a specialized monogastric The horse’s stomach is smaller than other species and the functions are 1) store ingested feed, 2) secrete digestive juices Horse- small intestine, 3 section- 1) Duodenum, 2) Jejunum, 3) Ileum The horse has no gall bladder so bile comes direct The horse’s large intestine accounts for over 60% of GIT capacity and is divided into 4 parts- 1) cecum- where bacterial fermentation takes place, 2) large colon, 3) small colon, 4) rectum Horse- digestive system- 47% large intestine, 18% cecum, 27% small intestine, 8% stomach Poultry- the gizzard (ventriculus) grinds feed into finer particles by strong muscular contractions Ruminants- Stomach is divided into 4 compartments- 1) reticulum- honeycomb pattern, 2) Rumen- largest compartment in the mature bull/cow, looks like a shag carpet because of walls lined with papillae, functions are storage, soaking, physical mixing, and fermentation chamber where it is anaerobic, warm (102 ), dark , and has pH of 5.5~5.6, ̊ 3) omasum, 4) abomasums- called the true stomach, equivalent to the stomach in other species Ruminants- as the animal matures, the rumen gets bigger, and the abomasums gets smaller
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