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Mark_summary - It is during this time that it seems as if...

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Elliot Marshall The New Testament TR 3:45-5:00 The New Testament: The Gospel According to Mark The gospel according to Mark tells the story of Jesus’ coming of age, ministry, and death. Though it is similar to Matthew’s Gospel, there are many notable differences. For example, Mark leaves out all Jesus’ childhood stories. Mark’s gospel simply starts when John the Baptist baptizes Jesus in the Jordan River. The gospel then delves right into Jesus’ beginnings as a religious leader. Because of this abrupt start, and the fast transition into Jesus work, Mark’s gospel seems much more rushed than Matthew. Also, Mark uses words than give a sense of urgency and speed to the gospel. Jesus’ ministry accelerates quickly by attaining disciples and immediately performing miracles by curing large amounts of people and expelling demons. The Gospel continues in the manner for a while. Jesus performs many miracles while teaching his disciples and the people he meets with parables.
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Unformatted text preview: It is during this time that it seems as if Jesus is proving that he is the Son of God, but at the same time he tries to be discreet about it and attempts to stay unknown. Soon enough Jesus is faced with opposition and doubt, and then he begins to foretell his own unfortunate fate. People turn against him and accuse him of heretic and violent plans. Eventually Jesus’ predictions play themselves out and he is betrayed, crucified, and then reborn three days later. An interesting aspect of Mark’s Gospel is that there are two endings. One is more abrupt and ends quickly after Jesus’ Resurrection is discovered, saying that his message spread from east to west. The slightly longer version goes on to explain how Jesus appears and speaks to many people who don’t believe what they see, and then Jesus ascends into the Kingdom of Heaven at the right hand of God....
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