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Elliot Marshall RELI 120 Williams Tinajero Philippians The letter to the Philippians is the shortest of Paul’s letters we have read so far. Paul writes to the Philippians in a joyous tone. He prays for the Philippians and hopes that they stay strong to the Christian way and follow Jesus. He also wishes he could visit and wished he could send Timothy, however he will send Epaphroditus. Paul wants the Philippians to imitate Paul and Jesus. Paul also thanks the Philippians for helping Paul in the beginning when no one else did. Brown says that you should be cautious about interpreting chapter 3 literally as history. Brown says that it resembles the Christological sequence and might be used as a way to lead the Philippians when he tells them to imitate him. Colossians Paul begins by telling of how he prays for the Colossians and how he appreciates
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Unformatted text preview: the Colossians devotion to Christ. Then Paul goes on to preach about Christ. He tells how Jesus is the invisible image of God and how he died for our flesh and souls. Then Paul tells of how much he struggles for the Colossians, and then of how living through Christ is so fulfilling. Paul warns of false teachers and then instructs in household relationships, prayer, and conducts with strangers. Brown explains why Paul would talk about Jesus in an invisible and mysterious manner and how through Jesus all treasures of wisdom and knowledge are hidden. Brown says that Paul teaches like this in an attempt to defend against the false teachings that the Colossians were very susceptible to....
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