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Elliot Marshall Emily Brawley PHYS 103L-04 Ballistics Pendulum Lab #9 Objective To observe conservation of momentum and energy by using a ballistic pendulum. Also, to be able to find the velocity of the ball by using the ideas of conservation. Apparatus Used : A projectile launcher, a ballistic pendulum, a meter stick, a balance, a steel ball, string, dynamic cart, catcher, dynamics track, and a photo-gate. Procedure : Part B: Start by making sure the track is level. Attach the catcher to the cart so that it allows the steel ball go enter it. Attach the launcher to the end of the leveled track so that the steel ball will exit it, and enter the catcher. Attach a thin sheet of paper to the catch, so that this will block the photo-gate. Place the photo-gate so that it reads the time interval right after the ball is caught in the catcher. Shoot the ball into the catcher and record the time detected by the photo-gate. Do this for a total of five times. Measure the length of the paper, the weight of the cart, catcher, and ball. Part C: Find the mass of the catcher and ball again. Attach the catcher to the upper connection plate, so that there are four strings attached to the catcher and the upper plate all being approximately 40 cm in length. Make sure the catcher is as level as possible. Mount the launcher so that it fires directly into the catcher. Attach a fifth string to the back of the catcher, to the Velcro attached to the bottom of the launcher. Fire the ball into
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the catcher. Reduce the length of the string just slightly. This will make there be little to no friction with each trial. Fire the ball again. You will need to determine the final height
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This lab report was uploaded on 04/07/2008 for the course PHYS 103L taught by Professor Nawashj during the Spring '08 term at Gonzaga.

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Ballistic_Pendulum - Elliot Marshall Emily Brawley PHYS...

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