Variables Arithmetic IO

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Unformatted text preview: a } Conversion example This code converts teaspoons to other units of measurement. #nld <otem icue isra> uignmsaesd sn aepc t; itmi( n an) { ittapos n eson; cu < "laeetrtenme o tapos " ot < Pes ne h ubr f eson: ; cn> tapos i > eson; itglos=tapos(*628; n aln eson/31**) tapos- glos(*628; eson = aln*31**) itpns=tapos(*62; n it eson/31*) tapos- pns(*62; eson = it*31*) itcp =tapos(63; n us eson/1*) tapos- cp*1*) eson = us(63; ittbepos=tapos3 n alson eson/; tapos- tbepos3 eson = alson*; cu < "ubro glos "< glos< ed; ot < Nme f aln: < aln < nl cu < "ubro pns "< pns< ed; ot < Nme f it: < it < nl cu < "ubro cp:"< cp < ed; ot < Nme f us < us < nl cu < "ubro tbepos "< tbepos< ed; ot < Nme f alson: < alson < nl cu < "ubro tapos "< tapos< ed; ot < Nme f eson: < eson < nl rtr 0 eun ; } Simple user input You remember using c u to display a message. You can use c nto do the opposite: get input ot i from the user. It works like this (notice the > of c n which are opposite those of c u ): > i, ot itx n; cu < "iem anme:" ot < Gv e ubr ; cn> x i >; cu < "o gv m tenme "< x< ed; ot < Yu ae e h ubr < < nl You can use c nfor integer types, floating point types, string types, and others. It's easiest if you i ask the user to enter one value at a time, pressing Enter between each value. To acquire multiple values at once, just string them together with c n i: itx n; dul y obe ; sotz hr ; cu < "ne trenmrcvle:" ot < Etr he uei aus ; cn> x> y> z i> > >; This is equivalent to: itx n; dul y obe ; sotz hr ; cu < "ne trenmrcvle:" ot < Etr he uei aus ; cn> x i >; cn> y i >; cn> z i >; More examples: dul a obe ; itx n; bo p ol ; cu < "ne adcmlvle " ot < Etr eia au: ; cn> a i >; cu < "ne a itgrvle " ot < Etr n nee au: ; cn> x i &...
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