If the function is not a void function then the code

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Unformatted text preview: rn type goes before the od od function name. If the function is not a void function, then the code inside the function must use r t r somew here, returning a value of the proper type. A void function does not need the eun r t r command; it can include the r t r command (this causes the function to finish) but eun eun cannot use r t r to return a value. eun A function may have arguments. But it need not. A function that has no arguments has empty parentheses. A function that has two i targuments would have i t x i t yin the parentheses. n n ,n The xand yare usually not typed in the function prototype (though they can be). The xand y should be included, however, when the function is being defined. The xand yvariable names exist only inside the function. Assume a function is called a dand it d takes two i targuments. This is what it looks like: n itadita itb n d(n , n ) { rtr ab eun +; } Then when the function is called (say, from some code in m i ( ), two integer values must be an) provided: a d 4 1 )(the resul...
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