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Unformatted text preview: cu < ada b < ed; ot < d(, ) < nl } Note that function names (e.g. a d have the same restrictions as variable names (i.e. they cannot d) start with a number or special symbol, etc.). Function calling & parameter passing Imagine we made a function for the o e l p c pprogram that checked if the strings overlapped vra.p and a function that determined the length of the overlap: #nld <otem icue isra> #nld <tig icue srn> uignmsaesd sn aepc t; itoelptr(tigs,srn s) n vraSatsrn 1 tig 2 { itsat n tr; frsat=0 sat<s.egh) sat+ o(tr ; tr 1lnt(; tr+) { i(1a(tr)= s.t0) fs.tsat = 2a() { rtr sat eun tr; } } rtr s.egh) eun 1lnt(; } itoelpeghsrn s,srn s,itsat n vraLnt(tig 1 tig 2 n tr) { iti j n ,; fri=sat j=0 ( <s.egh) & ( <s.egh);i+ j+ o( tr, ;i 1lnt() & j 2lnt() +, +) { i(1a()! s.tj) fs.ti = 2a() { bek ra; } } rtr j eun ; } itmi( n an) { srn ipt,ipt; tig nu1 nu2 itsatfvra,lntOOelp n trOOelp eghfvra; cu < "ne frtsrn:" ot < Etr is tig ; gtiecn ipt) eln(i, nu1; cu &...
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