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Unformatted text preview: servation Lack of familiarity with the tasks, duties, and responsibilities of a job Ongoing changes in the job • O*NET and Job Analysis • Dictionary of Occupational Titles (DOT) A systematic occupational classification structure based on interrelationships of job tasks and requirements. Contains standardized and comprehensive descriptions of twenty­ thousand jobs. • O*NET Database A online database of all DOT occupations plus an update of over 3,500 additional DOT occupations. Data are collected and published continuously. • • • Popular Approaches to Job Analysis Approaches to Job Analysis Position Analysis Questionnaire (PAQ) A questionnaire covering 194 different tasks that, by means of a five­point scale, seeks to determine the degree to which different tasks are involved in performing a particular job • Critical Incident Method Job analysis method by which job tasks are identified that are critical to job success. The job analyst writes five to ten important task statements for each job under study. • • Approaches to Job Analysis (cont’d) Task Inventory Analysis Is an organization­specific analysis developed by identifying —with the help of employees and managers—a list of tasks and their descriptions that are components of different jobs. • Competency­Based Analysis 3 Involves constant development of job profiles of current worker tasks, duties, and responsibilities that are “key” competencies for use in creating job descriptions, setting recruitment requirements, and in performance evaluation. • • Approaches to Job Analysis (cont’d) HRIS and Job Analysis Human resource information systems (HRIS) and specialized software help automate job analysis. Analyze jobs and write job descriptions and job specifications based on those analyses. Combine job...
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