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Unformatted text preview: analysis with job evaluation and the pricing of organizational jobs. • Key Elements of a Job Description • • • • • • Job Title Indicates job duties and organizational level Job Identification Distinguishes job from all other jobs Essential Functions (Job Duties) Indicate responsibilities entailed and results to be accomplished Job Specifications Skills required to perform the job and physical demands of the job Job Descriptions Job Title Provides status to the employee. Indicates what the duties of the job entails. Indicates the relative level occupied by its holder in the organizational hierarchy. • • Job Descriptions (cont’d) Job Identification Section Departmental location of the job Person to whom the jobholder reports Date the job description was last revised Payroll or code number Number of employees performing the job Number of employees in the department where the job is located O*NET code number. “Statement of the Job” 4 • • Job Descriptions (cont’d) Job Duties, or Essential Functions, Section Statements of job duties that: Are arranged in order of importance that indicate the weight, or value, of each duty; weight of a duty is gauged by the percentage of time devoted to it. weight Stress the responsibilities that duties entail and the results to be accomplished. Indicate the tools and equipment used by the employee in performing the job. Should comply with law by listing only the essential functions of the job to be performed. • • Job Descriptions (cont’d) Job Specificat...
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