Job analysis and essential job functions

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Unformatted text preview: res that job duties and responsibilities be essential functions for job success. The purpose of essential functions is to help match and accommodate human capabilities to job requirements. • Job Analysis and Essential Job Functions • Essential Functions Statements in the job description of job duties and responsibilities that are critical for success on the job. A job function is essential if: • • • • • • • • • • • • • • The reason that the position exists is to perform the function. A limited number of employees are available to perform the function. The function is specialized, requiring needed expertise or abilities to complete the job. Performing Job Analysis Select jobs to study Determine information to collect: Tasks, responsibilities, skill requirements Identify sources of data: Employees, supervisors/managers Methods of data collection: Interviews, questionnaires, observation, diaries and records Evaluate and verify data collection: Other employees, supervisors/managers Write job analysis report Gathering Job Information Interviews Questionnaires Observation Diaries Controlling the Accuracy of Job Information Factors influencing the accuracy of job information Self­reporting exaggerations and omissions by employees and managers 2 Collecting information from a representative sample of employees Capturing all important job information Length of job cycle exceeding observation period Lack of access to job site for personal ob...
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