Team members use consensus decision making to perform

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Unformatted text preview: turnover and absenteeism • Accomplishments among team members • How To Develop Team Synergy • Teamwork and Synergy • Synergy Occurs when the interaction and outcome of team members is greater than the sum of their individual efforts. Synergistic team member behavior characteristics: Is supporting and inclusive Listens and clarifies Disagrees but remains nonjudgmental Engages in consensus building Is accepting of others Is focused on quality and continuous improvement • Forms of Employee Teams • Cross­Functional Team A group staffed with a mix of spets (e.g., marketing, production, engineering) and formed to accomplish a specific objective. • Cross-functional teams are based on assigned rather than voluntary membership. Project Team A group formed specifically to design a new product or service. Members are assigned by management on the basis of their ability to contribute to success. The group normally disbands after task completion. • Forms of Employee Teams (cont’d) 8 • Self­Directed Team Groups of highly trained individuals performing a set of interdependent job tasks within a natural work unit. Team members use consensus decision making to perform work duties, solve problems, or deal with internal or external customers. or • Task Force Team A task force is formed by management to immediately resolve a major problem. The group is responsible for developing a long-term plan for problem resolution that may include a charge for implementing the solution proposed. include...
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