The four day forty hour week generally referred to as

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Unformatted text preview: • • Forms of Employee Teams (cont’d) Process­Improvement Team A group of experienced people from different departments or functions and charged with improving quality, decreasing waste, or enhancing productivity in processes that affect all departments or functions involved. Team members are normally appointed by management. • Virtual Team A group with widely dispersed members linked together through computer and telecommunications technology. • • • • • • • • • • • • • • Characteristics of Successful Teams Commitment to shared goals and objectives Motivated and energetic team members Open and honest communication Shared leadership Clear role assignments Climate of cooperation, collaboration, trust, and accountability Recognition of conflict and its positive resolution Obstacles to Effective Team Function Overly high expectations Group compensation Training Career movement Power 9 • • Training Team Members Complete skills training in: Team leadership Mission/goal setting Conduct of meetings Team decision making Conflict resolution Effective communication Diversity awareness • Flexible Work Schedules • Compressed Workweek Shortening the number of days in the workweek by lengthening the number of hours worked per day. The four-day, forty-hour week, generally referred to as 4/10 or 4/40. The Reducing weekly hours to 38 or 36 hours or scheduling 80 hours over nine days (9/80), taking one day off every other week. taking • • Flexible Work Schedules Benefits Recruitment and retention of employees Coordinating employee work schedules with production schedules Accommodating the leisure­time activities of employees while fa...
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