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Unformatted text preview: ions Section Personal qualifications an individual must possess in order to perform the duties and responsibilities The skills required to perform the job: – Education or experience, specialized training, personal traits or abilities, interpersonal skills or specific behavioral attributes, and manual dexterities. skills The physical demands of the job: – Walking, standing, reaching, lifting, talking, and the condition and hazards of the physical work environment work • Problems with Job Descriptions • If poorly written, they provide little guidance to the jobholder. • They are not always updated as job duties or specifications change. • They may violate the law by containing specifications not related to job success. • They can limit the scope of activities of the jobholder, reducing organizational flexibility. • • Writing Clear and Specific Job Descriptions Create statements that: Are terse, direct, and simply worded; eliminate unnecessary words or phrases. Describe duties with a present­tense verb, the implied subject being the employee performing the job. Use “occasionally” to describe duties performed once in a while and “may” for duties performed only by some workers on the job. State the specific performance requirements of a job based on valid job­ related criteria. 5 • • Job Design Job Design An outgrowth of job analysis that improves jobs through technological and human considerations in order to enhance organization efficiency and employee job satisfaction. • Job Enrichment (Herzberg) Enhancing a job by adding more meaningful tasks and duties ( vertical expansion) to make the work more rewarding or satisfying. Providing opportunities for achievement, recognition, growth, responsibility...
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