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Unformatted text preview: t suggestions from other staff members. Rotate interns throughout the organization. Treat interns as part of the organizational staff and invite them to staff meetings. Establish a process for considering interns for permanent hire. • Training Methods for Nonmanagerial Employees (cont’d) • • • • • Programmed Instruction Self­directed learning—use of books, manuals, or computers to break down subject matter content into highly organized, logical sequences that demand continuous response on the part of the trainee. • Audiovisual Methods Video recordings, CDs and DVDs Teleconferencing and videoconferencing Web conferencing, webinars, and podcasts Communities of practice, blogs, and wikis • Training Methods for Nonmanagerial Employees (cont’d) • Simulation The simulation method emphasizes realism in equipment and its operation at minimum cost and maximum safety. Used when it is either impractical or unwise to train employees on the actual equipment used on the job. Training Methods for Employees (cont’d) • • E­Learning (CBT) Learning that takes place via such web and computer­based training Allows the firm to bring the training to employees Allows employees to customize their own learning in their own time and space (just­in­time learning) Provides continuously updated training materials • • Electronic Training Methods for Employees Learning Management Systems (LMS) are “virtual learning environments” Can assess the skills of employees Can register them for courses Can deliver interactive learning modules directly to their desktops when they need or want them Can evaluate and track their progress, and determine when they are ready to be promoted • • • • • • • • Training Methods for Management Development On­the­Job Experiences Seminars and Conferences Case Studies Management Games Role Playing Behavior Modeling On-the-Job Experiences • • • • • • • • • Coaching Understudy Assignment Job Rotation Lateral...
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