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Unformatted text preview: Transfer Special Projects Action Learning Staff Meetings Planned Career Progressions Case Studies • The use of case studies is most appropriate when: Analytic, problem­solving, and critical thinking skills are most important. The KSAs are complex and participants need time to master them. Active participation is desired. The process of learning (questioning, interpreting, and so on) is as important as the content. Team problem solving and interaction are possible. • • Role Playing Successful role play requires that instructors: Ensure that group members are comfortable with each other. Select and prepare the role players by introducing a specific situation. To help participants prepare, ask them to describe potential characters. Realize that volunteers make better role players. Prepare the observers by giving them specific tasks (such as evaluation or feedback). Guide the role­play enactment through its bumps (because it is not scripted). Keep it short. Discuss the enactment and prepare bulleted points of what was learned. • Behavior Modeling • Behavior Modeling An approach that demonstrates desired behavior and gives trainees the chance to practice and role­play those behaviors and receive feedback. Involves four basic components: Learning points Model Practice and role play Feedback and reinforcement • Phase 4: Evaluating the Training Program • Criterion 1: Reactions • Participant Reactions The simplest and most common approach to training evaluation is assessing trainees. Potential questions might include the following: What were your learning goals for this program? What Did you achieve them? Did you like this program? Would you recommend it to others who have similar learning goals? Would What suggestions do you have for improving the program? Should the organization continue to offer it? • Criterion 2: Learning • Checking to see whether they actually learned anything. Testing knowledge and skills before beginning a training program gives a baseline standard on train...
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