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Unformatted text preview: p Training • Cooperative Training, Internships, and Governmental Training • Classroom Instruction • Programmed Instruction • Audiovisual Methods • Computer­based Training and E­Learning • Simulation Method • • Training Methods for Nonmanagerial Employees (cont’d) On­the­job training (OJT) Method by which employees are given hands­on experience with instructions from their supervisor or other trainer. • Drawbacks The lack of a well­structured training environment Poor training skills of managers The absence of well­defined job performance criteria • On-the-Job Training • Overcoming OJT training problems Develop realistic goals and/or measures for each OJT area. Plan a specific training schedule for each trainee, including set periods for evaluation and feedback. Help managers establish a nonthreatening atmosphere conducive to learning. Conduct periodic evaluations, after training is completed, to prevent regression. • Training Methods for Nonmanagerial Employees (cont’d) • Apprenticeship training A system of training in which a worker entering the skilled trades is given thorough instruction and experience, both on and off the job, in the practical and theoretical aspects of the work. • Cooperative Training A training program that combines practical on­the­job experience with formal educational classes. • • Training Methods for Nonmanagerial Employees (cont’d) Internship Programs Are jointly sponsored by colleges, universities, and other organizations that offer students the opportunity to gain real­life experience while allowing them to find out how they will perform in work organizations. • Classroom Instruction Enables the maximum number of trainees to be handled by the minimum number of instructors. “Blended” learning—lectures and demonstrations are combined with films, DVDs, and videotapes or computer instruction. videotapes • • Increasing the Effectiveness of Internships • Assign the intern to projects that are accomplishable and provide training as required. Appoint a mentor or supervisor to guide the intern. Solicit projec...
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