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Questions 1. Doubling the masses would not require new angles because all the resultant force components would increase proportionally. However, if you added 100 grams to each mass then the force components would not increase proportionally and you would need new angles. 2. Yes. Our theta values had very little error so they didn’t contribute much to error but our masses has a consistent error around 6 grams, and our error for the average came out to be 6.6 grams. So the error of about 6 grams for each trial plus the small error and theta gave us an average error of 6.6. 3. The mass is not considered because the mass of the strings is so small that it is within the error of our masses and the masses they were attached to were much heavier than the strings. The mass of the strings would have to be considered if their mass got high
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Unformatted text preview: enough to be close to the error of measuring masses and if the masses attached to the strings got so light that the string was a large portion of the total mass. 4. The angle would have to be 180 degrees. The mass would have to be equal to the unknown mass. The forces have to add up to zero for equilibrium, and forces can be looked at in terms of x and y components. If the angle was anything but 180 than the sine of the angle would produce something other than zero, and without a third string to counteract this y component there would be no way to achieve equilibrium. With the strings set at an angle of 180 degrees from each other the cosine of zero and 180 is 1 so the x components would just be the masses of the masses, and since they have to add up to zero to achieve equilibrium, the masses must be equal....
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