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David Petronio Eng. 103, Sec. 056 2/21/08 Recovering the Truth About Growth Hormone The public perception of today’s modern athlete is that of an acute uncertainty – in which lies the speculation that these ultra-efficient, sculpted bodies might be tainted with all sorts of “magic” potions. It is this communal notion, that no athlete can be trusted to stay “clean” or stay “natural”, which skews the views and opinions of millions of American fans. In recent years, sporting officials have taken drastic measures to protect the integrity of their beloved sport. Bud Selig, commissioner of Major League Baseball, has implemented a three strike policy to govern his performance-enhancing drug policy, while Roger Goodell, commissioner of the National Football League, has followed suit. But wait; aren’t these condemned “juices” just a carbon copy of the life-changing remedies used by today’s brightest and most advanced physicians? Since the 1950’s, these tissue-building compounds, such as anabolic steroids and various types of growth hormone, have been administered to patients who suffer from inhibitory growth diseases (Krysiak, 2007). Most recently, however, substances of this nature have been used to treat victims of damaged body tissues, including skin, muscle, and bone (Krysiak, 2007). This practical application of controlled substances appears to be beneficial to physicians and patients alike. Coincidentally, the heart of today’s pulsing issue lies between the care of our brilliant physicians, and the jurisdiction of our uninformed commissioners.
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Making decisions about one’s own heath is a logical process, typically guided by previously attained knowledge of the subject. If posed with a decision regarding nutrition, it would seem logical for an athlete to make a healthy choice that benefits his or her body. While enduring a difficult, nearly unbearable training session, an athlete tends to become mentally focused with aims of completing the intense regimen. These attributes embody the essential principle of being an athlete – maintaining an efficient, machine-like body that will function at its full potential during competition. But what happens when component of this machine malfunctions or breaks down? Muscles strain, bones break, and ligaments tear. This excruciating moment often marks the downfall of the athlete’s season, or even his career. Now, what if a particular treatment could guide the athlete back to the boundaries of the playing field? This treatment would be hailed as miraculous or even God-like. Well, the truth of the matter is, doctors are “playing God” these days with hormonal treatments that dramatically speed up the repair of connective tissues (Ferrando, 2007). Why, then, does this beneficial synthesis with miraculous healing
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Human_Growth_Hormone_Paper_Final - David Petronio Eng 103...

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