How to go about Psyc Experiments

How to go about Psyc Experiments - How to sign up for...

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Research Requirements for Psyc 111 [email protected] 7 credit hours of participation by either (1) experiments (2) one pg single spaced articles on other psyc articles (7 hours of experiments) 1/2 hour = 1/2 credit sign up online at this website: Registration on Experimetrix Website: 1. Read the research participation guidelines and FAQ's (tab labeled read-me) 2. user ID= 0925cw and password ->then they email you a new user id and password
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Unformatted text preview: How to sign up for experiments->sign up for experiments and view schedule (**note special requirements) should recieve an email confirmation WRITE DOWN ROOM NUMBER How to get credits:-log in, select "edit your course selectoin" (psyc 111)-assign credits to your courses If you complete 2 credits by february 23rd, you get a 1 credit bonus meaning you only have to do six hours total # on experimentrix must still reach seven!...
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