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David Petronio Engl 103 Lab Sec. 056 1/29/08 Academic Integrity Pledge Though human nature often appears as a beautiful manifestation of our god-given qualities, it surrenders that we are all capable of flaw. People, such as myself, are inclined to probe through the jungle of life, seeking out each and every shortcut we might benefit from. Unfortunately, this trend pursues our conscience into the internet, the classroom, and the library. Should I choose the easy route – copy the words of an experimenter from a scientific journal my teacher would never read – to save some time? Well, I might also ask, “Should I drive one hundred miles per hour to spare two hours from my travel time?” Both scenarios can yield rewarding outcomes, however, the risks involved outweigh the reward, entirely. Speeding might cost you a clean driving record and hundreds in the court of law, while plagiarism costs you your academic integrity – a valued entity in a university environment. What is academic integrity? I’ve asked myself this question more often than I had
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English_103_Academic_Integrity_Pledge - David Petronio Engl...

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