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04.06 La música une a las familiasInstructions:Print or save this note guide. Remember to complete thetables and answer the questions. This will help you review for theexam.VocabularySpanishEnglishSpanishEnglish¿Qué escuchabas?What did you use tolisten to?
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Unformatted text preview: la clave clave la tuba tuba la conga conga la viola viola la banda band el violín violin Grammar Use the ¡Gramática! section to complete the following: Tocar is used when you refer to _________________________________________________________________. Jugar is used when you refer to _________________________________________________________________. Use the Gramática Nueva to complete the following: Use -aba if gustar or encantar is followed by: ____________________ OR ________________________. Use -aban if gustar or encantaris followed by: ______________________________________________. To make gustar or encantar a negative expression, add the word ______________ before the ______________. CultureWho is Juan Luis Guerra? If you visit the Dominican Republic, what music might you hear? Who is Marc Anthony? What is the mixture of cultures that create salsa ?...
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