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Lab Tutorial #1 Genetics and Evolutionary Thought Introduction: The subjects that I chose from this tutorial were: History of Evolutionary Thought 4 mechanisms for evolution Types of Selection History of Evolutionary Thought For this activity, I referred to chapter 1 of “Core Concepts in biological Anthropology” and took notes on the various important thinkers in the history of evolutionary thought. This activity is really quite simple. I like to learn things either with a visual aid, or by repetition. I chose repetition for this activity. I made this chart with important names on one side and their accomplishments on the other side. I would cover one side and try to recite the facts. It worked well because after a while, I was able to memorize all of the thinkers in a variety of order and it really helped me out on that first quiz. 4 Mechanisms for Evolution The visual method seemed to be a good fit for this. I made a chart and included the four mechanisms of evolution and tried to write the main definition on the first line and
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