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Lab Tutorial 2 Introduction

Lab Tutorial 2 Introduction - Lab Tutorial#2 Non Human...

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Lab Tutorial #2 Non- Human Primates Introduction: The subjects that I chose from this tutorial were: Geological Time Characteristic Primate Morphology Primate Classification Geological Time Activity For this activity, I used information gathered from “Core Concepts in Biological Anthropology” written by Agustin Fuentes. On page 176 of the textbook, there is a timeline very similar to the one that I have on the next page. I felt that I am more of a repetitive learner. I have to continuously repeat something in order to learn it; therefore, I decided to make a fun memory game for this lab tutorial. The concept is simple, You cut out all of the pieces that are not part of the timeline and you try to match the time period with the events that were happening at that time. Continuously practicing this will allow one to develop quick recognition skills on an exam when they see a word like “Miocene.” I will now be able to name some important events that happened during that time period,
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