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Lab Tutorial #3 The Fossil Record Introduction: The subjects that I chose from this tutorial were: Bipedalism RAO vs. MRE Hominin Fossil Record Bipedalism I gathered information for the textbook about possible explanations as to why bipedalism came about. Then I integrated them with the lecture notes presented in class. I was able to fully understand the various viewpoints of scientists and was able to decide that one might be more “believable” then the other. In addition to making a chart I added a small box so I could draw a picture to relate to the assertions presented by the hypothesis. This was very important because visually picturing these hypotheses, I was able to grasp a better understanding of each of the traits. RAO vs. MRE After hearing the news that this topic could be on our final exam as an essay question, I decided that I needed to cement each of these opposing theories into my head. I did so by analyzing the textbook and notes and creating my own comparison chart. I studied from
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