Lab Tutorial 3 - RAO vs. MRE Recent African Origin Two...

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RAO vs. MRE Recent African Origin Summary: Support: - Two variants that discuss possible ways that humans interacted with archaic humans. 1. RAO- replace - modern humans replace archaic humans with no interbreeding. They just chase them out. None of the archaic human’s genes are introduced into the gene pool. 2. RAO- hybrid - moderns humans expanded and sometimes, but not always interbred with archaic humans. Meaning that the archaic humans contributed to the gene pool. Proposes that modern humans are the result of a speciation event in the late Pleistocene in Africa. Genetic support comes from two areas: nuclear genetics and mitochondrial DNA . But some data doesn’t fit to one common ancestor (Eve) This is saying that Homo sapiens sapiens arose from a population of archaic humans (Neanderthals and Heidelbergensis) recently, causing certain traits to be over represented. This form of speciation can be seen as punctuated equilibrium. Tests have been run on Y- chromosomes and results have shown that humans have a common ancestor to ancestral populations of about 90,000 years ago. Punctuated equilibrium: rapid biological changes in organisms followed by long, relatively static periods during which little biological change occurs.
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Multiregional Evolution Summary Support This model assumes that we have an ancient rather then recent African origin. Proposed that modern humans are the most recent morphological form in a species, Homo sapiens, that has been around for nearly 2 million years. Some continuity in fossil
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Lab Tutorial 3 - RAO vs. MRE Recent African Origin Two...

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