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305Network Analysis Schedule (405)

305Network Analysis Schedule (405) - Network Schedule...

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Unformatted text preview: Network Schedule Analysis 180:405 Find the critical activities Critical Activities – Cannot be delayed without extending the project duration. – Can be more than one critical path in a network – Have no float Forward Pass Backward Pass Forward Pass Start to finish EFT(I)=EST(I)+DUR(I) EST(J)=max of all preceding nodes [EFT(I)] Backwards Pass Finish to start LST(J)=LFT(J)-DUR(J) LFT(I)=minimum of all following activities[LST(J)] What will we know? How long will the project take? Early start time for each activity Late start time for each activity Total Float The total number of time units that an activity can be delayed without increasing the total project duration. TF(I)=LFT(I)-EFT(I) Meaning of float calculation What activities have scheduling leeway Which activities have no float and are critical ...
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