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midterm Exam 180:305 November, 1999 1. Thomas Telford built the Great Western Railway. T or F 2. What family is associated with the design and construction of the Brooklyn Bridge? 3. What is the purpose of the special conditions in the bid package? 4. Why is the contractor normally required to submit a bid bond when making a proposal to the owner on a competitively bid construction project? 5. What is a change order? 6. Williams Brothers Construction is building a dormitory for Rutgers U. In January, a 6” snowstorm occurs that delays the project for 4 days. Can the Williams Brothers request a time extension because of the snow? 7. What is the difference between liquidated damages and a penalty clause? In what bid package document is this information normally described? 8. How is Design/Build construction different from the traditional contractual arrangements with a general contractor? 9.
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