Mid+Term+Exam+2000 - that the classrooms must be wired for...

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Mid-Term Exam 180:305 November 9, 2000 1. Match each item in column A with a matching item in column B. 1.Benjamin Latrobe A.Panama Canal 2.John Stevens B.Charles Ellet 3.First Suspension Bridge in U.S. C.Baltimore and Ohio R.R. 4.Caissons D.Washington Roebling 5.Brooklyn Bridge E.“The Bends” 2. What type of bond guarantees that if a contractor goes broke on a project the surety will pay the necessary amount to complete the project? 3. What information do technical specifications provide? Are technical specifications part of the bid package? 4. You are about to bid on a small construction project. You notice that the General Conditions seem to have been written new, specifically for this project. Would this make you more or less likely to bid? What should you do to protect yourself? 5. How long is a typical acceptance period? What happens at the end of the period if no notice to proceed is received? 6. You are the contractor for a new building at Rutgers. Rutgers decides
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Unformatted text preview: that the classrooms must be wired for the Internet after you’ve stated work. You are entitled to negotiate a _________________________. 7. What are liquidated damages? How do they differ from a penalty? 8. What is retainage? When is it typically paid to the contractor? 9. Why do owners make mobilization payments to contractors. When are mobilization payments made during a project? 10. What advantage does a Design Build contract have over traditional contractual arrangements? 11. What is the primary benefit of incorporation? 12. A drawback of incorporation is double taxation. Describe it. 13. Four inches of snow fall on a building construction site in January in Northern New Jersey. Can the contractor claim a time extension? Why? 14. What is the difference between an accelerated and straight-line method of depreciation? The MACRS table is which type of method? 15. What is amortization of equipment?...
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Mid+Term+Exam+2000 - that the classrooms must be wired for...

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