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Eric Stinson COMM 1317 Informative Speech Outline Topic: How-to perform basic CPR. Purpose Statement: To teach the class to perform basic CPR. Introduction o Everyone, close your eyes. Imagine you’re in your dorm with your roommate. You go to the bathroom, but come back to find him on the ground. Now, imagine you’re at home and your grandparents are visiting. All of a sudden your grandfather has a heart attack. Finally, imagine you are right where you are. And you have a sudden heart attack. Could you have saved your roommate? Your grandfather? Would any have been able to save you? Then I guess it’s apparent that everyone alive needs to know how to perform basic CPR. I am a trained and certified lifeguard with certifications in first-aid and CPR. Now, I am going to train all of you to perform basic CPR on adults. Body o Check ABCs of the victim. Check the victim’s airway by looking into his throat passage. Check the victim’s breathing by putting your ear to his/her mouth and listen/feel
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