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quiz1 - 1 Block C start from rest and mums with:1 canstant...

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Unformatted text preview: 1. Block C start; from rest and mums with :1 canstant acceieration. Knhwing that after block A have. moved 1.511 its vfllflcity is [15 ftfs, lie-terrain: a). The accelaratiun of A and C b). The velocity and thfi change'in [1111311th1 'Df black E afttr 25. ”kgvfifidflc fifiSfi Ofifo’H/s Me: \g/aié-Qaf $0 143?: 2.3311 an iflt'BI'SrECtiDfl car A' 15 traveling 5011111 with a velhcity hf 45Wr when it is struck by car B haveling 313:: north of east with :1 vel1flcit3r 11f Sfikrm'hr. Detennjne the. relative Vfllmify Elf car 13 with raspcct to car A. ...
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