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quiz3 - Quiz 3 Summer 2005 Mechanics...

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Unformatted text preview: Quiz 3 Summer 2005 Mechanics: Dynamics [l4:44fl:222:Bl] fldfldfflll 1. Boxes are transported by a conveyor belt with a velocity vuto a fixed incline at A where they slide and eventually fall off at B. Knowing that pk = H.413, determine the velocity of the conveyor belt if the boxes leave the incline at B with a velocity of Baits. 2.. The last segment of the triple Jump track- -and-field event is the Jump, in which the athlete makes a final leap, landing in a sand- filled pit. Assuming that the velocity of a 84kg athlete just before lending is 9.141111% at an angle of 35° with the horizontal and that the athlete comes to rest to a complete stop in l]. 223 after landing, determine the horizontal component“ of the iaflerage impulsive force excited on his feet dpnng landing 1 1 35;. ' ..._ 9” T“ i “mi mam-es mm *- 23? M: “W W; \l'fiit‘o fl (“New 41* Eva th—ktfh at E. : 3:111; :(‘eutsl‘l'lllmsfidfla WE?" “(T-.3 M case 1.._p_ L1; _. up 1 (Extra Practice)]11 a case of oblique central impact, the magnitude and direction of the velocities of two identical frictionless balls before they strike each other are as shown Assuming the collision is perfectly elastic (e— = 1 .tlfl), determine the magnitude and di ection of the velocity of each ball after the impact 1:.3 f‘flfh‘ll‘a Ffijfit “(han‘tfif'lgen :- WK ‘lr MEL-153:1 In “M Elfin +~islfitt -— “Filo *K‘Bn‘ ‘61 Of-lllg Id 5 vAISUst vflsmac UH _ 3+ :fi-léf'llj an 153:" 1 E (Us-1f. Us) st“ sols-es shag H1: 15:; _ :15 H5929 1&5“- 1194+qu \lces accuses val-flesh Vg— cc 1. l?) in,“ 2 _L} ufih:~t{flt:fihfl°=‘ so Hg 19* 35w ‘55- ‘3‘3 ,1 . "310F418 C‘Hfl mmmwm IKE ”Fl-t?) '95251345 géiib P61319- - adapt/g :3: hat: . , 1.3st ...
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