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Midterm Review -COMM 1317

Midterm Review -COMM 1317 - • How to organize...

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COMM 1317 – PRESENTATIONAL SPEAKING FALL 2007 PROFESSOR THORNTON MIDTERM REVIEW GUIDE CHAPTER ONE: What are the benefits of studying public speaking? Definition of Rhetoric What is the Communication Process? Ethical communication as a public speaker What is plagiarism? CHAPTER TWO: Situational anxiety – what is it? Managing anxiety CHAPTER THREE: Stages of Listening Keeping listeners’ attention CHAPTER FIVE: Selecting a topic, purpose and main points Writing a Purpose Statement Researching your topic (pp.98-106) Avoiding unintentional plagiarism CHAPTER SIX: Types of supporting material (skim the chapter and know each type) Basic steps for preparing a speech CHAPTER SEVEN: Know Basic INFORMATIVE Speech Patterns of Organization What are Transitions and how are they used? Making Main Points Memorable (pp. 140-142)
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Unformatted text preview: • How to organize introductions • How to organize conclusions CHAPTER EIGHT: (Also review the section on Outlining in the Workbook) • Why use an outline? • What is a rough-draft outline? • What is a complete or formal outline • What is a speaking outline? CHAPTER NINE: • Benefits of using visual aids • Objects, models, and handouts • Design principles – (See the Save our Slides book or your notes from Dr. Earnest’s presentation) CHAPTER TEN: • Vocal delivery • Articulation and pronunciation • Immediacy behaviors • Why practice your speech? CHAPTER ELEVEN: • Language style (simple vs. technical) • Usage (slang, profanity) • Biased language (gender, age, ethnic, etc.) Refer to class notes and discussion of this topic....
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